Retornados is a short documentary about three families who have been forced to return to Honduras, and the extremely violent conditions they fled. Moving through the restless streets of the unstable capital city, and into the drama and determination of each family’s story, the film explores the experience of being returned to a familiar, yet increasingly unsafe situation.

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We’re proud to announce that Retornados is now available for educational use on Pragda. The film is now part of their package The Wall: The Effect of its Imposing Presence on Migrant Families, a compilation of the most up to date selection of short films on the current undocumented immigration crisis touching topics such as The Wall, the effects of family separation at the border, deportation, and DACA. For pricing and information on the other great films in this compilation visit

Our festival run was a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the festivals who hosted Retornados, and to all those who attended a screening.